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Geriatric Academy strives to uphold and enhance the dignity and quality of life of older adults by empowering them to take charge of their healthcare and medication therapy, through self-advocacy and learning.

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Geriatric Academy

Nearly 50% of older adults take one or more medications that are not medically necessary

Geriatric Academy

You have a 50% chance of having an adverse drug interaction if you are taking at least 5 medications, and 100% if you are taking 20 or more medications

Geriatric Academy

Overmedication (Polypharmacy) accounts for almost 30% of all hospital admissions, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the US

Better Health While Aging

Can you relate to any of the following?

“I'm overwhelmed with trying to make sense of this medication list.”

“I have so many questions about these medications, but have no idea where to start or who to ask.”

“I’m not sure if my senior loved one has dementia or not. For that matter, do I?”

“I’m concerned about the side effects of dementia medications, but I can’t find the right information on the internet.”

“How is my aging body handling my medications?”

“Are my medications putting me at risk as I age?”

“Do Anxiety and Depression affect older people? What medications are safe for me?”

“What medications can cause me to fall?”

“Are over-the-counter medications and supplements safe for me to take?”

Our short, easily readable eBook and eCourse give valuable insights

Our short, easy-to-read eBook gives valuable insight into the common problem of overmedication in older adults and offers information on how to address this issue for yourself, your loved ones, and your friends…AND valuable insight into the common medications prescribed for dementia. Courtesy of many, many years of direct clinical experience with patients and caregivers, we give you the most expert information on medication dosing, interactions, adverse effects, and general tips. The course takes it up to the next level with much more detail you MUST know.

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Built exclusively for the layperson, our exclusive online courses provide education about overmedication, medication safety, stroke response, and dementia management in older adults.

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I am impressed with Kobi's passion and vision regarding his commitment to bring information and guidance to the Senior Community.

What distinguishes him from other sites is that he plans to provide regular access to his website,, and is committed to be actively involved. I believe this will provide a place you can trust to read information and have questions answered. I am looking forward to joining his site.

~ Marie B, Perinton, NY, Retired

Kobi, I just read your first 2 books and found them to be very clear and understandable.

Regarding your book on overmedication in the elderly, I wish I had had it when my parents were still alive! Your message and professional expertise reinforces the need for informed questions and dialogue with health care providers as it pertains to effective medication management.

Your short book is a must for an aging population and those who love and care for them. Regarding your book on dementia, I found it to be reassuring as I deal with my own normal memory issues! I’ve shared this with my daughter in law whose grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s. He was also a pharmacist and dearly loved by his family and community. Her family is very involved in raising awareness and funds for research as well as patient/caregiver support and care. Your book was informative and a quick read. I love what you’re doing with your Geriatric Academy!

Good luck in this very important and educational endeavor!
~Andrea C, Rochester, NY


I believe we need to make this required reading for all nurses at any Long Term Care facility, sub-acute rehabilitation unit etc. Concise and pack full of vital info! If Kobi writes it, then it is the truth!

~ Andrew P, Rochester, NY, Assistant Director of Nursing

The information presented is very useful, relevant, and user-friendly, all very important for a busy and stressed caregiver.

The eBook helps guide decisions about when to call the patient’s medical provider and how to describe patient problems and care efforts. Kobi’s website, is designed to benefit caregivers who can use extra support via accurate and up-to-date expert information.

~ Sharon V, Rochester, NY, Medical Social Worker and Small Business Owner

Really like the info.

Especially since Dad had Alzheimer’s. Wished I had a coordinator for his health when he got diagnosed. 3 doctors all with different approaches to manage his disease!

~Rick G, Canandaigua, NY, Retired

Making this new service available to all of us as older adults, is essential to ensure we manage the challenges that aging presents.

After reviewing Dr. Nathan’s eBook on Dementia, I recalled all of the individual incidents related to me from my family, friends, and colleagues, about how they witnessed their loved ones, who developed this devastating disease at its various stages and how they spiraled down after being shuffled from doctor to doctor, organization to organization without a clear plan or understanding of the goals of treating their loved ones.

Developing and giving access to a comprehensive resource like this eBook offers, is exactly what we all require when the need arises for our loved ones, friends and family. His case study clearly outlines the questions and information that patients and their families need to confidently discuss and understand how each medication can help or hurt their loved ones. His review of both the prescription and non-prescription medications that can help or hurt patients, offers the public a clear, easy to read and understandable resource that is unbiased and accurate.

~Anthony C, Rochester, NY, Retired Pharmacist and Professor